Pressure Resistance Tube

It is used for the connection between CO2 Regulator and Check Valve. This tube is also good for connecting the joint parts. Do NOT connect it directly to the glass products.

article code   Length Color ราคา  
110-120 2m Black 180.00 ADD TO CART
110-128 2m Clear Blue 180.00 ADD TO CART
110-129 2m Clear 180.00 ADD TO CART
110-100 20m Black 1600.00 ADD TO CART
110-108 20m Clear Blue 1600.00 ADD TO CART
110-109 20m Clear 1600.00 ADD TO CART
110-110 20m Metallic Silver 1600.00 ADD TO CART
110-130 2m Metallic Silver 180.00 ADD TO CART